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Sahara West–East with VW Vans • Index Page 1/8

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Reports by Peter Reif
Photos by Peter Reif and Arike Mijnlieff

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Austrian, Peter Reif spent his Lockdown formatting a series of detailed reports and maps recalling ÖSEWO: an Atlantic-to-Red sea crossing of the Sahara in 1983-4.
Volkswagen’s T2 Kombi was an unorthodox choice, especially as much of the route was off-piste, but as you’ll read over the next few posts, the vehicles managed better than you’d expect.

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Desert Travels • Sahara Motorcycle Tour (1989)

Most of Desert Travels describes my Sahara Motorcycle Tour of 1989 (chapters 4-15).

Five riders left, only one came back riding.

Photos shortly.