Sahara Overland, the book


The essential Sahara guide” Sunday Times
Gets right to the heart of desert travel” Michael Palin


Sahara II is long out of print though available used.
For vehicle prep the latest AMH and OLH books are far more useful. For Morocco see this and for camelling, there is this.

Since the original 1999 edition of Sahara Overland, author Chris Scott returned to the desert, exploring eight countries while both leading his own tours, joining other tours or filming his adventures. The dvd Desert Driving II was released in 2005 and Desert Riders has been featured on National Geographic Channel.

  • Laminated hardback cover and double-stitched ‘all-terrain’ binding 673 pages
  • Colour DPS Sahara map on endpapers, front and back. Improved route and reference mapping
  • Colour pictures throughout and 100s of new monos
  • Advice on choosing organised tours
  • Vehicle choice, including  section on 2WDs, plus all the best 4WDs and AWD trucks
  • Motorcycling section based on the Desert Riders Project which tested all sorts of gear, gadgets and systems in the central Sahara
  • Equipment and accessories for vehicle preparation
  • Travel by camel from three diverse contributors
  • Expanded sections commissioned from academic experts on Saharan climate, landforms and geology, and archaeology
  • Boxed asides on interesting historic and little known aspects of the Sahara and notable but little recognised Saharans
  • Thousands of kilometres of routes in nine countries from the Atlantic Beach Piste to the Gilf Kebir

Check out the online reviews on amazon and all the rest. The hardback edition of Sahara Overland became the ultimate desert travellers’ handbook and reference resource on the Sahara.