Morocco Overland

By getting us away from the tourist traps further north, your book has changed our perception of Morocco for the better and we finally stopped saying to each other ‘this is nearly as good as Namibia’ to once or twice saying that it was actually better! Thank you. JS
I’m smiling sometimes because of the nice language. I’m used to scientific reading and writing, so the reading of the guide is like an interesting conservation with a comedian – or something like that. CP.

morocco overland 2Morocco Overland 2 is a route guide to exploring southern Morocco’s spectacular landscapes, from the snow-clad High Atlas to the dunes of the Saharan fringe and the Mauritanian border beyond.
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Whether with your own van4WDmotorcycle or a mountain bike, or are flying in to rent locallyMorocco Overland 2 covers everything the regular guide books miss out to help make the most of your adventure in southern Morocco on road and track.

bikestuff56 routes covering over 10,000km with hundreds of GPS waypoints
• Scenic byways suitable for all vehicles, including motorhomes
• Guidance on 4WD, 2WD, moto or MTB choice and preparation
• Off-road riding and driving guidelines
• Moroccan ferries, border procedures, port maps and fly-drive options
• Selected recommendations on places to stay
• Additional content right here, including mapping and imagery

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LRO: … Compiling this lot must have been a massive, time-consuming task, such is the level of detail. Don’t even think about visiting Morocco until you’ve read Morocco Overland.

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