Morocco ~ Routes

Updated October 2019


M3-coverEdition 3’s 65 routes are spread across five regions of southern Morocco. The Atlantic Route is no longer covered as it’s now a well-used road with plenty of fuel and traffic. There are a couple of new routes described online on the Morocco Update Page.

The book’s .gpx files are only selected, key waypoints, not a tracklog (continuous line). If you want a tracklog, download a GPS map. Most are free and just about all the routes in Morocco 3 (below) as well as plenty more, are on these maps.


gpxfolderSome routes have been completely realigned, and some [R]oad routes don’t need .gpx files. All gpx routes (updated February 2019) can be downloaded as a zip folder here.
gpxroutikonIf your files come in as ‘route.gpx.txt‘ or ‘route.gpx.xml‘, delete the .txt or .xml suffix and it’ll become a regular .gpx which your GPS software should recognise. If you feel the waypoint data is inadequate, it’s easy to add extra ones by opening the .gpx file with a plain text editor and paste stuff in. The files use three Garmin icons (left), but not all units or software may display them like that.

rt-examm3regionsEach .gpx waypoint is identified as follows:
first 2 letters correspond to the five M- regions (right), F
Figures correspond to the route number in that region
Remaining figures
 relate to a kilometre reading on that route, corresponding to a description in the book. The example above being Kilometre 132 of MH18 which corresponds with the book description on the left. Nearly all routes start and end at a fuel station which usually means a town with accommodation and other services.