Morocco ~ Routes

morocco-book-mapThe 49 routes from edition 1 are spread across six regions of southern Morocco. The Atlantic Route and a few other routes are all-road (with off-road excursions); the majority are pistes, some with road approaches or finales. Not all the routes have .gpx files and the .gpx files are key waypoints, not a continuous tracklog. If you want a tracklog to follow, get a digital map – most of the MO2 routes are on them.
I have not added the six new routes from edition 2 as this service seems little used. The gpx files can all downloaded as a zip folder here or click the image below. If the file downloads as a ‘route.gpx.txt’ and opens in some garbled xml format, simply delete the .txt suffix and it will transform into a regular .gpx (image below right) which your GPS managing software ought to recognise.


In good weather many routes are do-able with a suitable 2WD or a big motorbike two-up. Some will be suitable for MTBs, while on a couple you’ll struggle even in a short 4WD or on a light enduro bike. In bad weather any route if not major road may be temporarily impassable. Nearly all routes start and end at a fuel station which usually means a town with accommodation and other services.

Each waypoint is identified as follows: …/MA4KM321 where the first 2 letters correspond to the six M regions; figures 3 and possibly 4 correspond to the route number in that region; and the last 5 figures relate to a kilometre reading along that route and so the corresponding description in the book (to the nearest km). The example above being Kilometre 321 of Route MA4.

Imagery from Edition 1 routes only

MA Imagery

ME Imagery

MH Imagery

MO Imagery

MS Imagery

MW Imagery