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Corrections & Updates (including new routes)


Edition 3’s 65 routes are spread across five regions of southern Morocco. The Atlantic Route is no longer covered as it’s now a well-used main road. In addition to the book there are now several new routes described online on the Morocco Update Page.

The book’s .gpx waypoint files
Download link: (paste url into a new window) are only selected, key waypoints, not a tracklog (continuous line). If you can’t make the download link work email me and I will send the folders. If you want a tracklog, download a GPS map. Most are free and just about all the routes in Morocco 3 (below) as well as loads more, are all on these maps.


In Morocco 3 some routes have been completely realigned, and some [R]oad routes don’t need .gpx files. On this WP website it’s tricky to make an automatic download, so stick this in your browser:
and the zip ought to download. Any problems, email me and I’ll send the 5 folders – usually same day if I am around.
If your files may come in as ‘route.gpx.txt‘ or ‘route.gpx.xml‘, delete the .txt or .xml suffix and it’ll become a regular .gpx which your GPS software should recognise. On my computer these files open automatically with Garmin BaseCamp. If you feel the waypoint data is inadequate, it’s easy to add extra ones by opening the .gpx file with a plain text editor and paste stuff in. The files use three Garmin icons (above left), but not all units or software may display them like that.


Each .gpx waypoint is identified as follows:
first 2 letters correspond to the five M- regions (right). F Figures correspond to the route number in that region.
Remaining figures relate to a kilometre reading on that route, corresponding to a description in the book. So the example above being Kilometre 132 of MH18 in the High Atlas (MH)
which corresponds with the book description on the left. Nearly all routes start and end at a fuel station which usually means a town with accommodation and other services.