Updated September 2017

Following the 2011 revolution ‘costa’ tourism dropped in Tunisia, then took a dive after the March 2015 attack in Tunis and the deadly beach attack in July.
A porous border with Libya and (to a lesser extent) a dodgy part of northeast Algeria partly contribute to this insecurity.

Tunisian dinar exchange rates

Price of fuel
Unleaded petrol about 1.6 TD/litre; diesel 1.17 TD


Useful languages
Arabic, French, English

Required by all except citizens of EU countries, Canada and USA

Border formalities
If you’re ferrying a car from southern Europe you do your formalities aboard the ships from Marseille, or Genoa if they are CTN ships. It’s frustrating when it’s busy (holidays) but does mean you get out of the port more speedily. With SNCM (French) ships you do it in the port.
At La Goulette (Tunis port) watch out to ID-badged hustlers in grey overalls working with the Customs to fleece you unless you submit to fully unpacking. Stick to your guns; you should not have to pay anything but post-revolution it’s said to be worse than ever but is only 5 or 10 euros here and there.
Leaving La Goulette back to Europe there is less hassle or hustling.
No carnet required. A Green Card extension to your EU motor insurance is valid in Tunisia or you can buy local motor ‘assurance’ at the port easily enough. No one checks except when you come back from Algeria and maybe Libya (back in the days) where you may need to pay 1TD for a new driving permit (so keep 1TD coin handy).

Desert pistes
For Brits it’s a long way and an expensive ferry compared to Morocco. And desert-wise, there’s much less going on here, although with Algeria’s Grand Erg Oriental spilling over the border, there’s more sand than Morocco. The far south is a military area and lately it’s said that escorts are now needed here, if you can get there at all.

tunituniTravel restrictions in southern Tunisia

Green zone: guide and permit required, at least 2 cars, gps, sat phone.

Red zone: only organized tours, rallies, at least 4 cars and as above.