Sahara Trekking ebook




The first handbook of its kind, Sahara Trekking is a 40,000-word ebook (snapshot, below) on the practicalities of exploring the world’s greatest desert on foot.
With over 100 colour photos and maps, the book details everything you need to know about how to join or organise a non-vehicle supported Saharan trek in the best locales from the Atlantic to the Sinai, in most cases using the know-how of local nomads.

The book provides examples of setting up a trek directly with local guides or agencies, as well as detailing the practicalities of life on the trail with an organised fly-in tour, covering things such as what to wear; the key issue of footwear, nutrition and the realities of life under the sun and the stars for weeks at a time. Armed with such knowledge, you’ll be better equipped make the most of your wilderness adventure.


Sahara Trekking also gives a background on the region’s principal ethnic groups with whom a camel trek might be organised, and describes the desert’s most dramatic and iconic landforms where the best treks can be found.
The current access situation in the Sahara is also addressed head-on, spelling out where best to undertake your walking adventure.

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