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1982 – XT500 – Algeria

The first three chapters in Desert Travels cover this trip:

  • Tamanrasset and the Frightful Void,
  • Up the Creek,
  • On the Run.

The pictures with commentary are on advrider right here.

1986 – Ténéré – London to Dakar

In Desert Travels this trip is covered in chapters:

  • 17. IBM
  • 18. Bad Day at Laouni
  • 19. The Far Side
  • 20. A Blue Man
  • 21. The Hills are Alive.

I was learning, or so you’d hope. A great bike, not much luggage and a flexible attitude.
But still the djenoun [malicious desert spirits] gave it their best shot…

I’ll do a commentary on these photos shortly.

1988 Sahara Motorcycle Tour

Most of Desert Travels is about my disastrous Sahara Motorcycle Tour of 1988: chapters 4-15 out of 25. Five left, only one came back riding…