Sahara Tours

Tour programme 2023

March 2023

“Sahara Overland [book] gets right to the heart of desert travel” Sir Michael Palin



MOROCCO FLY/RIDE 2023 S1 • 7-day, 6-bike tour Mar 17-23 FULL
MOROCCO FLY/RIDE 2023 S2 • 7-day, 6-bike tour Mar 25-31 FULL
MOROCCO FLY/RIDE 2023 T1 • 7-day group tour Nov FULL
MOROCCO FLY/RIDE 2023 T2 • 7-day, 6-bike tour Nov 16-22 FULL

I first travelled in the Sahara in 1982 and since 1989 have run occasional desert tours. I organise small groups to little-visited places or follow unusual itineraries that inspire me, working with local guides, agencies and other services I’ve got to know and trust over the years. I ran an eclipse tour to Niger in 2006, an ambitious crossing from the Atlantic to the Libyan frontier, as well as several motorcycle tours in Libya, Algeria and lately, Morocco. I’ve also run camel trekking tours in Algeria, have joined tours in Mauritania, and with the help of contributors, wrote a camel trekking e-guidebook to go with my biking and car handbooks.
I don’t produce a regular tour programme or online brochures. I never send out annoying newsletters or collect mailing lists. I don’t do Facebook or pay to advertise anywhere. The page you see here is all there is. For more about me, click my picture, above left.
Right now post Covid-era overseas travel and tourism is re-opening. With the risk of infection flare-ups, things may never be as they were before but one of the healthiest places to be is out in the mountains and deserts of southern Morocco and the Sahara!

Motorcycling in Morocco 2023


For my Morocco Fly & Ride one-weekers in 2023 I’ll have two in March and two in November and right now it looks like they’re all full.
Most riders choose the 2018 BMW GS310s with off-road protection and other mods and my route has been revised to cater for these bikes. Read about them here with more here. There may also be a an older 700GS as we as 750GS, but these bikes often come with road tyres which can be hard work on my revised 2022 route. They also cost up to 80% more than the 310s. Personally, I’d stick with the 310s which are dead easy to manage off road and great fun on bendy desert highways.

With no more than six in a group, these tours include a few easy half-days off-roading and are pitched at off-roading beginners to give a taste of trail biking and Morocco without getting exhausted or freaked out. The focus is on quiet roads, relaxed lunches, spectacular pistes and ambient Berber mountain lodgings, rather than hammering dawn-to-dusk from one blinged-out tourist kasbah to another. More here. Pictures from previous tours here and here. FAQs here. Please read the FAQs.

Please contact me about these tours, or would just like to find out what’s possible.