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Aguinane cascade in spate

If you been on one of my Morocco Fly & Ride tours you’ll doubtless remember our overnight stop in Assaragh after our steep ride from Aguinane up the cliffside overlooking the dry cascade – and perhaps a walk we took to the cliff edge later that afternoon. Below is a video found by one of the riders recently, shot by a local in late 2018 of the usually dry waterfall in full spate. the force of the water looks quite staggering.

In February 2023 we came up to Assaragh to see it flowing a little for the first time, getting bigger as we watched, following a week of rain. But when we came back 2 hours later after getting snowed off the road to Agadir Melloul, it had stopped.
Then, two days later back in Taliouine I was shown a vid from that afternoon just like the one above. All roads south of the N10 were cut and the river at Assaka bridge (below), just west of Tali which had been trickling yesterday was running full width and several feet deep and heading for Agadir.