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Sahara tour programme 2015-16

April 2015
Sahara Overland [book] gets right to the heart of desert travel. Michael Palin
Brilliant trip… Chris invariably undersells and over delivers on the expectations of the trip. SS (UK)
My research on the internet into travel in the Sahara keeps leading me to your page. MP (UK) 
It was one of the best trips I have ever done and far above any other tour out there… RZ (BM)
[one year on] I’ve been reflecting on it. Without question the best trip I’ve ever taken. PH (US)
… what a brilliant trip that was. A great balance of challenge and relaxation. RS (UK)





 7-DAY FLY/RIDE MOTO TOUR  14-20 NOV 2015  2 places left
 7-DAY FLY/RIDE MOTO TOUR  23-29 NOV 2015  2 places left


I’ve been travelling in the Sahara since 1982 and occasionally run desert tours. I organise small-group expeditions to little visited places or along unusual itineraries that inspire me, working with local guides I’ve got to know and trust over the years. I ran an eclipse tour to Niger in 2006, the first tour group crossing from the Atlantic to the Libyan frontier, as well as several motorcycle tours in Libya, Algeria and lately Morocco. In the last few years I’ve also been leading camel trekking tours (see links at the bottom or the S-Files).

Even though it can complicate arrangements year on year, no two tours of mine are identical. I don’t have a regular programme or brochures, and with vehicles I tend not to stick to easily repeated itineraries (camel treks are a little more restrictive). I don’t collect mailing lists, send out promotional newsletters, do Facebook or advertise. This page is all there is. For more about me, click my picture, above right.


T2-16Based on the 2014 fly-and-ride tours in Morocco, I’ll be offering two 7-day tours in November, using locally rented motorcycles. These tours include road and track but are suited to Morocco- and off-roading first timers. The focus on great pistes and quiet roads in spectacular areas rather than Dakar-rally stamina or endurance. More here.

I’m always trying to get a camel trekking two-weeker through the Immidir of Algeria. Currently I’m waiting on news if that region will reopen.

Contact me to enquire about a tour, if you have a group and want me to organise something unusual, or just want to find out what is possible. For conventional circuits, contact any Sahara-based agency and save your money. To get in touch – click this.


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