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Trans Mauritania with electric FatBike [videos]

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Mauritania and Citroen 2CV specialist, Cyril Ribas supports his son Evann as he cycles his Gorille e-MTB fatbike from Aïn Ben Tili on the PFZ frontier south for over 1500km to the Route d’Espoir highway paralleling the Senegalese border.
Cyril is recharging spare bike batteries as he tracks his son’s progress while keeping out of sight. Evann has to keep the e-bike in Eco power mode to extract up to 130km in a day.
The northern half of the route is relatively flat but from Ghallaouiya, east of Guelb er Richat they must cross the Mrayer Sand Sea before entering the tussocky region leading down to Tichit and the Aouker basin.
As you’d expect, there are some sublime drone images of the immense desert.