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Ten Days in Morocco ~ Husky • Sertao • XR ~ 1/3


Husky TR650 review here
Next fly-in tour here

2upmkThis is us: Rob UK, Patrick NYC, Andy (ex Desert Rider), Elisa NYC and me, having some sort of ministroke.
Rob and Patrick were part of a group that trekked with me in Algeria last year. With another planned moto tour having fallen through, off-road newb Patrick asked me to put together a run through Morocco. OK I said if you can find some people to cover my costs.
This he did and here we were.

mk13102We rent bikes from Loc2Roues Marrakech (more details here).

mk13103Andy gets a well-used Sertao with about 45,000km.

trI pick a sexy Terra. My review here.

mk13105I strap a satnav over the dash, a water bottle holder to the crash bar and tuck my book under the tanknet.

mk13106Other than Andy, I wasn’t sure of the others’ ability so recommend XR250 Tornados.


This is a great little machine: an air-cooled, four-valve, big oil cooler, 5 speed, electric start, carb-fed, drum rear dirt bike. It stacks up very well alongside the CRF250L I ran around the Southwest USA earlier this year; as economical, as good suspension, as pokey and it felt lighter, though there’s only some 6kg in it according to online stats.

mk13108Trouble is, it’s made in Brazil (and sold in Argentina) and AFAIK is only available in countries with I presume have slack emissions regs.
None have ridden off road but Rob once ran a 996 so he’ll catch up and Patrick learned fast. Only Elisa found the learning curve of Morocco + piste a bit steep so switched to a jeep which actually served us all well as a baggage carrier.

mk13109Before we even leave the agency, Mustapha the driver dashes off with Elisa. His silver SUV soon disappears in a sea of silver SUVs. Rob gets the guy at the servo to bring him back.

mk13110The first day was scheduled as easy as we expected faffing around at the rental place. Just 100 clicks down the road to a lodge up in the High Atlas.

mk13111Notice the sagging front tyre on the Husky; a slow puncture which led to overheating and a faster puncture on the rough road into the Atlas. Next morning it’s flat as, and no tools under the seat. The Sertao’s wheel wrench fits but one Torx fitting is mashed and none of mine fit.

mk13112I nip down the road to chisel it off while the village vulcaniser irons on bits of rubber with blue goo, literally with an old electric clothes iron and a screw press. It looked impressive but also kind of crap. May work OK on a local moped but on the 650 the repair lasted 20 mins on the first piste a couple of days later.

mk13113Anyway, on the crest of the High Atlas at Tizi n Test pass (6860’) we stop for lunch then enjoy a great ride down into the sunny southlands. Notice the ridge on the far horizon: that’s Jebel Bani about 130 miles away; the last of the Atlas mountain ranges. Beyond that, unbroken Sahara for a 1000 miles all the way to Timbuktu.

mk13114With half a day lost chiselling nuts and ironing rubber, we make an unplanned stop over in Taliouine, famous for its saffron which we’re assured is the best in the world and cures all maladies. I sprinkle some on my front tyre, also my front brake and efi which are playing up.

mk13115As expected, the Husky is the thirstiest bike by 20%, but also the most powerful and with the best soundtrack which = a whole lot of fun in the twisty blacktop canyons of the Anti Atlas. Let me tell you, all this ‘ad-venture motorcycling’ is a lost cause, carting your junk around like a mule and camping out bush like some vagrant. Hire a jeep, check into roadside lodges at half board and enjoy Bourgeois Motorcycling!

mk13116Patrick tries the Sertao and declares it’s the best motorcycle ever made. It’s certainly more comfy than the others, has a mellower engine than the TR and some days even used less fuel than the XRs. But when the dirt gets gnarly it’s a dog.

mk13117That’s several thousand dirhams worth of saffron right there.

mk13118Carefully picked from these crocuses, or is it crocii?

mk13119Patrick and Elisa pose with some $10 jars.

mk13120Two hundred clicks out of Marrakech we take to the piste into the Anti Atlas, the arid range south of the High Atlas which for me adds up to the best riding in Morocco. Soon the Husky front tube pops its corks so I slot our only new 21” in and hope for the best.

mk13121Dirtnewb Patrick is getting into the swing but next time I’m going to levy a surcharge for all black outfits.

mk13122Desert Rider Andy runs an 1190 + his old trans-Africa 640 back home so for him it’s all in a day’s work. That’s his 11-year old Darien Light that Aero made for us, still as good as new.

mk13123Into the valley.

mk13125Past hilltop Berber villages.

mk13126Up ahead a dramatic descent down a tufa waterfall. Andy sets off on the Husky and we follow.


mk13136We ride through the palmerie and arrive at our lodge where we’ll spend two nights.

mk13137Night falls across the tranquil oasis. ‘Allaaaaahu Ak-bar’ rings from the minarets.

mk13138While inside the three infidels sit transfixed as the guy pours a shot of whisky.

mk1ruta Our route so far.

Part Two of Three

Morocco Overland videos

ma6-7gmorocco22sHere’s Ian Chappel’s short video as he reaches the impressive overlook at KM78 on Route MA7. You look down from the top of Jebel Timouka over the Issil Plain following a couple of hours rough riding. Good work on a hefty GS12! MA6 proved even tougher on the BMW but can also surprise you with a similarly impressive vista at KM48 if you’re heading north.

Ian’s other vids include pistes from the book and thankfully cut to the action.

We’re back in this area over the next few days with a few small XRs plus a couple of 650 singles. They’ll be a report here or on the AMWebsite. And maybe some vids too.

Morocco Overland II

morocco22Morocco Overland II is now in the shops shortly. Here’s some blurb to be getting on with:

Morocco Overland 2 is the new Trailblazer title from Chris Scott, author of Sahara OverlandThe Adventure Motorcycling Handbook and the Overlanders’ Handbook.

The updated edition is the route guide to exploring southern Morocco’s spectacular landscapes; from the snow-clad High Atlas to the dunes of the Sahara and the Mauritanian border beyond.

Whether with your own van, 4WD, motorcycle or a mountain bike, or are flying in to rent locallyMorocco  2 covers everything the regular guide books miss out to help make the most of your adventure in southern Morocco on road and track.

• 56 routes covering over 10,000km with hundreds of GPS waypoints
• Scenic byways suitable for all vehicles, including campervans
• Expert guidance on 4WD, 2WD, motorcycle or MTB choice and preparation
• Off-road riding and driving guidelines
• Moroccan ferries, border procedures, port maps and fly-drive options
• Author’s recommendations on places to stay
• Additional online content including mapping and imagery