Sahara Road Trip 2023 – Algeria

Two-week, 8-bike road tour in Algeria, February 2023 • £TBC
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For February 2023 I’m hoping to revive an old idea: a Road Trip deep into the Algerian Sahara, giving you a chance to experience the fabulous desert highways and landscapes from the ease and comfort of your big road bike. We meet in Spain or France, ferry to Algeria and then set off on a 5000-kilometre ride, over the Atlas mountains and into the Sahara.
Right now it’s still too soon to confirm anything until the pandemic and its effects on travel are settled, but here are some highlights:

  • Crossing the High Plateaux and Atlas Saharien
  • Riding the Trans-Sahara Highway
  • Gazing at the massive dunes of the Grand Erg
  • Staying in picturesque Saharan oases
  • Exploring ruined ksars, citadels and Foreign Legion forts
  • Marvelling at prehistoric rock art
  • Relaxing in ambient lodgings
  • Camping under the Saharan stars
  • And above all, enjoying a unique motorcycling adventure

While not all roads will be pristine ribbons of desert blacktop as found in America, Namibia or Australia, from Europe the Sahara is a whole lot easier to get to with your own bike, and the challenges will be manageable and fun. A back-up van driven by a rider-mechanic will accompany us from Europe, carrying your gear (if you want) and ensure that if your bike packs up it will be recovered to Europe at no cost.