Mauritania Camel Trek 2020

For January 2020 or thereabouts I’m considering laying on a camel trek in Mauritania. A walk which I’m told will take 17 days from ancient Chinguetti to the less well-known ruins of Ksar el Barka, some 300-km to the south as the crow flies.
The plan would be to fly to Atar and leave from Chinguetti next morning. About three weeks later, from KeB we return to Atar along the new Tidjikja road – a day or two’s drive.
Right now the local agency I’ve made contact with are out on tours. I expect to have more details in December. It’s my hope to offer a more satisfyingly remote desert crossing than the two-week tour I joined in early 2018 in the Adrar region. If you want to be kept in the loop, please email me.
Otherwise, come back around Christmas 2018 to see what, if anything, has panned out. If you don’t know much about Sahara camel trekking, my recent e-book may be of interest.