Start/end Algiers • €3950 + flight + visa + insurances
January 20 – February 3 2018
Minimum 6 – Maximum 10
Read the FAQs • Availability

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wuestenfahrer_logott183In January 2018 I’m chartering Thomas Trossman of the long-established German moto-tours outfit, Wuestenfahrer (‘Desert Rider’) to lay on a two-week fly-ride tour of southeastern Algeria. You can watch his 2017 video at the bottom of this page. My 2007 tour covered part of this region (read this too), and all the photos here are from my own trips in southeast Algeria. My Desert Riders dvd also covers the region we’ll ride in.

alg2018mapAsk anyone who’s travelled widely in the Sahara and no doubt about it, the sandstone plateaux, ergs and granite ranges of southeast Algeria offer the best biking out there. This mixture of varied open terrain, canyons, sand sheets, small ergs, outliers and escarpments is the creme-de-la-creme of desert biking. I’ve ridden or driven parts of the planned route myself over the years, but there are also many hidden corners which Thomas and his local guide will lead us to.

tt189It would take you about a week to ride from the UK to Illizi where the riding starts, and another to get back. Add up escorts, ferries and your time off work when you question the substantial cost of this tour. With Wuestenfahrer’s hard-won know-how in the tricky business of importing unaccompanied bikes into Africa, you’re able to fit this epic ride into a typical two-week vacation.

tt1814tt187This is a Wuestenfahrer tour. All I’m doing is putting the word out in return for a subsidised place for myself. We deal with and pay Wuestenfahrer direct, although I may be on hand to help with London visa acquisition for Brits.

motorisenThomas has a similar profile to me, but being German, is more enterprising and adventurous. Like me he started desert biking in Algeria (in ’78); wrote Motorradreisen (right; similar to my AMH), contributed and edited a couple of bike travel magazines, but has persevered with his global bike touring operation, especially the Sahara where he’s maintained excellent contacts. He was last in Algeria with bikes in 2011 (same as me with 4x4s), just as the Arab Spring upset the apple cart, and returned in early 2017 with his own group and MAN support vehicle. Our tour a year later will reap the benefits from this 2017 recce, and may be be able to range further southwest towards the epic Tefedest mountains before swinging back east and flying home.

Read my FAQs

* Exact dates may change by a day or two depending on Air Algerie flight schedules


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