T is for Tenere: the Classic Tour

Part of the occasional Sahara A to Z series Hang around long enough and you’ll get the full set Niamey – Agadez – El Meki – Timia – Assode – Arakao – Agamgam – Oued Tanakom – Anakom – Arbre du Tenere – Fachi – Bilma – Dirkou – Yegueba – Seguedine – Chirfa – Old Chirfa […]

Tenere Troubles (2001)

Richard Washington Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso December 2000 – January 2001 Landrover Series 2A 4 cyl. petrol Tunis We left Marseille on 10 December ferry to Tunis. The ferry was only about 1/3 full making the loading in Marseille uneventful compared with our trip a week closer to Christmas in 1999. The ship docked […]

Crossing the Tenere

Tony and Elly van Gastel (2000) Agadez – Arbre du Tenere – Fachi – Bilma – Dirkou – Seguedine – Oleki – Sara – Chirfa – Djado Djaba – Orida – Enneri Domo – Enneri Blaka – Chirfa – Tassafasset – Arbre Perdu – Grein – Adrar Bous – Temet – Agadez The Long Haul […]

Millennium the Aïr and Tenere

Aïr and Tenere Tony and Elly van Gastel Surfing the Internet produced many disturbing messages such as: “Avoid the tracks round Agadez absolutely” “Tuaregs steal cars” “An Italian died who was hit by a bullet between Niamey and Agadez” “Police are corrupt and arrogant” “It’s dangerous to travel in Niger” “Only travel in convoy with a guide […]

Sahara: Eclipse in the Tenere 2006

In March 2006 an eclipse sliced right across the Sahara, from Ghana to the Libyan-Egyptian border on the Med. On its way it passed close to the extinct volcano of Waw Namus in central Libya and it was clear that everyone and his camel would be heading there. Sure enough the place turned into an […]

About Chris Scott

 [Sahara Overland] gets right to the heart of desert travel Sir Michael Palin – Sahara The first thing we did was buy the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook Ewan McGregor – The Long Way Round … we have spoken to dozens of ‘experts’ over the … years … and your straight forward no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air.  J&A, […]

Cabinet of Saharan Curiosities

Come see my collection of Saharan curios at the Adventure Travel Film Festival next weekend at Mill Hill, north London. Over the years I’ve picked up numerous artefacts on the desert floor – from the tiniest, finely chipped arrowheads in the Bilma Erg to grinding stones on the Admer Plain, Palaeolithic hand axes in the Gilf Kebir, bizarre hematoidal concretions in the […]

Mountain of Goats

Que dit Mohamed? Mohamed, il dit qu’il accepte de vous conduire ou vous voulez, du Tenere, aux Azzjers, du Mouydir aux Iforas, il crevera s’il le faut son chameau pour vous plaire; mais vous accompagner a la Garet, jamais!… Il y a des Djenouns mon Captan… Pas un homme du Hoggar ne vous accompagnera sur les […]

Bilma Salt Caravan

Sahara Overland camel contributor Alistair Bestow gives an account of the Bilma salt caravan in Niger. For a few years now, on my office wall at work I have had a Jean-Luc Manaud calendar, with evocative images of Niger, particularly of the Tenere Desert. It is well out of date, and has been stuck on the image […]

Old Land Rover ~ Algerian Sahara – 2008

Oxford, Portsmouth, Le Havre, Marseille, Tunis, Taleb Larbi, El Oued, Hassi Massoud, Illizi, Djanet, Mt Tiska, Erg D’Admer, Oued Sersouf, Mt Tazat, Amadror, Garet El Djenoun, Tefedest East, Tam, Ain Salah, Ghardaia, Taleb Larbi, Tunis, Marseille, Oxford. Land Rover Series 2A 1970 109 Petrol 2.25 • December 2007 – January 2008 Richard Washington The last time […]