1/5th of a tourist horde


He comes across as a man to be slightly wary of; one of the many men in this part of the world adept at exploiting any opportunity to make a few more Ouguiya whenever you let your guard down. Cora and Justus, the owners of the Auberge in Atar called him. They also warn me not to pay any attention to any ploys he might try to use to get me to go use another hotel, and to insist on simply being driven to my destination, the Auberge Rose des Sables in Chinguetti. It’s not really possible to avoid his services, as he’s the only taxi driver going to Chinguetti on a daily basis. After getting my luggage and myself on board of the inevitable old Mercedes, I’m quickly joined by a kid of about 18 years old who announces himself to be a guide, capable of showing me chinguetti…

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